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Are you ready for a luxurious bathroom?
If you are looking for bathroom remodeling in Atlanta then you have come to the right place, we are Atlanta’s bathroom remodeling specialist. Not only will we make sure you have the best bathroom remodel, we will also insure that you have the best possible experience. Our name, Change Your Bathroom, reflects our passion and specialty…bathrooms.

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Have you ever leafed through a home design magazine and wondered how you could transform your bathroom? We are here to help you do just that with our custom designs that are essential for inspirational new spaces. We are guided not only by fresh insights from the interior design community, but also from your own personal style. Our designers would love to work with you to create a plan or layout that would work best for your budget and your schedule. If you need help with your bathroom design or you would like to browse for inspiration just let us know what we can tell you about Atlanta’s bathroom remodeling specialist (that’s us!).


Ask For the Three “Ds”

Design – Let us design your bathroom.
Dust Defense – Our proprietary dust containment system is a must for a bathroom remodel. What’s better than a dust free bathroom remodel? (no seriously, what?)
Drain System -Our proprietary hidden curb-less drain system! Makes for great cleaning and no clogs.

Oh, and we also offer a lifetime warranty so it would be “Design, Dust containment, Drain and Lifetime warranty….” Wondering how we can offer a lifetime warranty with our bathrooms? Well, frankly we do such good work that we know that we won’t have to come back! If you ever have any problems, we come back and fix it for free.

We only have the most professional installers who are the very best at what they do, and they want to deliver a great bathroom to you. We are committed to our craft and are extremely proud of our skill and ability to deliver a professional, quality installation every time. So just browse and check us out and remember; we are Atlanta’s bathroom remodeling specialist.

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Change Your Bathroom is at the cutting edge of today’s popular home design trend; our years of experience will guarantee a seamless finish. If you are looking for bathroom remodeling in Atlanta we can create anything you can imagine. Whether it be a standard bathroom remodel or a luxurious bathroom remodel in Atlanta (and the surrounding area) we are the remodelers you need. We make the process simple (not to mention dust free – it’s kind of a big deal).